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Grounds Maintenance in Esher

Key Services for Spring

Getting your garden or grounds in order early in the year ensures you can enjoy your outdoor space later on. To maintain healthy plants throughout the summer, it’s important to work on the condition of your space in the spring. This also means your garden is ready to relax in when summer comes around. With over 20 years of experience as a landscaping company, Xtreme Landscapes Ltd undertakes an extensive range of garden maintenance services in Esher and the surrounding areas. From caring for lawns and artificial grass to maintaining patios, our grounds maintenance solutions provide everything you need.

As customer focused landscaping and fencing contractors, we offer tailored services for both domestic and commercial customers. Following a consultation, we advise on the best solutions for your space in Esher. The following are key services we recommend for spring garden cleaning:

1) Patio & Paving Maintenance

Clearing everything off your patio lets you see what broken or unwanted items you can throw away, so you don’t have junk cluttering your garden. Once the patio is clear, we can properly see the condition of the surface and what work needs doing.

Garden maintenance for patios and paving can include clearing dirt, branches and debris as well as weeding and removing moss. In addition, our landscaping company undertakes patio repairs in Esher or, if you require, we offer design and installation services to completely replace the surface.

During the spring, it’s also a good idea to ensure other hard landscaping features are in good condition, and to carry out any necessary repairs. Our landscaping and fencing contractors provide a wide range of services for pathways, fences, steps, garden buildings and driveways.

2) Lawn Care

A healthy, well maintained lawn can completely transform your space and provides a comfortable area to relax in the warmer months. Whether you have natural or artificial grass, it’s important to make sure it’s in good condition.

Spring grounds maintenance for lawns includes removing debris, grass cutting and weeding. We also supply lawn chemicals to keep your grass in the best condition. For lawns in the Walton-on-Thames and Esher areas that are in poor condition, we also undertake complete turfing services.

3) Trees & Shrubs

Pruning of trees and shrubs is a key spring service. This keeps them healthy and stimulates growth. As such, careful pruning is highly beneficial to plant development.

As a specialist landscaping company, Xtreme Landscapes has thorough knowledge of different tree and shrub species along with their care requirements. As such, our garden maintenance services are the best way to ensure your trees and shrubs in Esher stay in great condition.

In addition, because we are fencing contractors, we also make sure trees and other plants aren’t negatively impacting fences or other structures. If necessary, we provide fencing repairs and replacements.

4) Garden Beds

When undertaking grounds maintenance in the spring, garden beds are an important aspect of our work. By removing unwanted foliage, leaves, weeds and stray grass, we ensure plants have plenty of room to grow healthily. This also neatens up your garden or commercial space.

At Xtreme Landscapes Ltd, we are committed to delivering affordable and reliable solutions that perfectly meet your needs. As such, we tailor spring maintenance services around you. Whether you want to install artificial grass or a new patio, or you just need general gardening services for existing plants, we’re here to help.

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