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Our Garden Services

Garden MaintenanceGarden Maintenance

No matter what your size of garden, finding the time to maintain it can be difficult, and the longer you leave it, the more difficult it can start to appear. Whether you want a one-off service to get your lawn and garden back into shape, or you want someone to come in and take the work off your hands on an ongoing basis, we are happy to help. With more than twenty years experience we can get the most out of your garden, and make sure it is a space that is easy to maintain, and even easier to enjoy.

If you’re unsure what to do with your garden, but don’t want a complete re-design we can advise on small cosmetic adjustments that will bring your garden back to life and make the most of your available space.

If you want something more radical, we work with experienced designers to help you plan your garden, turn your ideas into designs and bring the designs to life. We provide you with a full no-obligation quote before you commit to any expenditure, and we work with you to put together a package that suits your budget.



Whether it’s laying a new lawn or levelling or repairing an old one, with over twenty years experience in laying turf for gardens of all sizes, we have the expertise you need. We make sure you get the best value for money possible, working with the best local suppliers of turf to ensure you get high quality turf at the very best price, and all our turf work is guaranteed for at least x months.

As well as taking the stress out of laying a new lawn, if you’re unable to look after it yourself, or just want someone else to do this for you, we can also take out the stress of maintaining it. Our maintenance contracts will make sure your lawn is looked after and continues to look like new, leaving you free just to enjoy it.


Hard LandscapingPatios\Hard Landscaping

Patios can form a significant part of your garden. Pot plants and tubs can add a touch of greenery, meaning that for small spaces a patio can become the entire garden. But it’s a mistake to think a patio is easy to maintain. Over time, pollution and grime can build up on slabs, taking away both their colour and lustre. Weeds and moss can start to creep through the gaps between the slabs, and eventually the patio begins to look unloved and neglected.

Before this, there are mistakes that can be made when laying a patio. The most common one is to forget that while a patio will reduce the amount of grass you have to maintain, it will also affect the natural drainage in your garden. Drainage solutions need to be a key part of patio design, but are often something that will be completely overlooked. We have an extensive knowledge of drainage requirements, that is incorporated into our designs and included in all our quotes for patios and hard landscaping.

Whether or not we have laid your patio we can maintain it in the same way as we maintain the rest of your garden, to make sure that it is more than just the place you go to avoid treading on the grass. As well as general maintenance, we also offer one-off jet wash services to revive and restore your patio back to its original condition. Please click here for further details of this service.


Jet WashJet Wash

Persistent dirt, grime and weeds can develop over time on patios and driveways and can be tricky to get rid of. Manual washing and weed pulling is time consuming and can still leave patios and gardens looking dull and lifeless. High pressured jet washing will make your patio shine and revitalise your drive.

With our jet wash service we can also wash your gutters and fascias, and clean your windows and frames, making sure the rest of the exterior of your house also looks refreshed and new, while also flushing out leaves than can cause dangerous overflowing of rainwater possibly leading to cracks and damp.


Garden FencingFencing

We supply and fit new fences and also repair broken panels and posts. With our years of specialised experience in this area we can ensure that no matter what your fencing requirements are we can deliver a solution that meets your needs and complements, rather than take away from, the rest of your garden design.

The types of fencing we can install include Picket Fencing, Garden Trellis, Overlap Fencing and Close Board Fencing. Contact us for a no-obligation free call out to discuss what option might be right for you.


Tree Surgery

Whether it’s pruning a tree, or removing a tree stump without disrupting the rest of your garden we are the people to call.

Crown reduction, crown thinning and crown lifting can reduce the shape and size of trees, letting more light into your house and also removing the danger of low hanging branches. As well as reducing the height or density of a tree, pruning trees can make them both more attractive and healthier. Whatever the problems you’re having and whatever you would like to achieve from tree surgery, we can advise you on the options and do the work for you.

We are also specialists in tree stump removal, with the necessary tools and equipment to remove both small and large stumps, ensuring the stump is removed completely and that your garden is safe for you and your family.


Garden StructuresSheds and Structural Features

Sheds are not merely a place where you can put gardening tools and furniture, they can also be the ideal solution when you have a growing family and need to de-clutter your house. We can advise on sizes and designs of sheds that will meet your storage requirements and sit within your existing garden design, maximising your outdoor space. If there isn’t a standard design that matches what you need, we can custom build sheds, making the most of the space available to you, and making sure the shed fits as part of the garden.

We can also advise on other structural features that can enhance your garden, provide practical solutions to problems, or both. We provide a range of options tailored to suit your taste and budget, and construct these for you.

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