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How to Fence Your Garden Successfully

Fencing is an important feature for many homes in Weybridge. Whether you need to keep your children safe or you want maximum privacy, effective fencing gives you a functional and comfortable space. However, for your fence to meet your needs, you must follow proper installation processes. Having been operating as fencing contractors for over 20 years, we help you get the most from your property. As a local landscaping company, we take a customer focused approach to garden maintenance. This ensures you get the ideal solution, whether fencing your front or back garden. Working with you, we determine the right fence style and material as well as making sure work complies with regulations.

Furthermore, when undertaking garden or grounds maintenance, we provide extensive services, including artificial grass installation, plant care and patio design. As such, we ensure you can fully enjoy your outdoor space once your fence is up.

To get the most from your new fencing in Weybridge, it’s important to consider the following points:

1) The Purpose of Your Fence

Determining the purpose of your fence is vital. When undertaking any form of garden maintenance in Weybridge or the surrounding areas, Xtreme Landscapes takes the time to understand your needs. This ensures we deliver ideal solutions, whether you need fencing, low maintenance artificial grass, or other aspects of soft and hard landscaping. Your reasons for installing or altering a fence help our fencing contractors determine which style is right for you. For example, if you want privacy fencing, you will need a higher, solid fence, such as close board.

2) Fencing Materials

As a professional landscaping company, we install a variety of fencing options. The best material for your fence depends on numerous factors, such as purpose, location and desired aesthetic. While wood is a popular choice for many gardens in Weybridge, we also provide chain link and security fencing. In addition, as part of garden and grounds maintenance, we maintain and replace fencing so it continues to meet your needs. It’s also important to consider the overall look and feel of your property and the surrounding area. Fencing should complement your home and create an environment which you can enjoy. To really get the most from your outdoor space, we recommend regular garden maintenance to keep your garden neat, healthy and safe. Our services cover every aspect of landscaping, including maintenance of plants, patios and both real and artificial grass.

3) Laws & Regulations

If your fence meets certain criteria, you will not need planning permission to install, alter or improve it. As experienced fencing contractors, we advise on the requirements of your project and make sure all work is compliant.

To avoid the need for permission, some of the conditions you must meet are:

When undertaking garden or grounds maintenance in Weybridge, our landscaping company ensures every aspect of our services complies with relevant regulations, including health and safety requirements.

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